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If you are looking for a home or property for sale on Lewis Smith Lake , look no further. As Smith Lake’s top producing Realtor, I list and sell property in all three counties of Smith Lake. For 2017, I closed over $90,000,000 in homes and property on Lewis Smith Lake. I closed the largest residential sale in the history of Smith Lake and also had one of the smallest sales of waterfront property. This is why everyone calls me “Mr. Smith Lake!” As well as a Realtor, I’m a LOCAL who lives on this awesome lake, and I know my way around by road and water. I sell millions of dollars worth of lakefront properties each year and continue to be the leader in sales and listing activity on the entire lake.

Finding lakefront homes and property for sale on Lewis Smith Lake can be time consuming and overwhelming due to the vast amount of space Smith Lake covers. With over 500 miles of shoreline and 22,000 acres covering Walker, Winston, and Cullman counties, you need an experienced, professional real estate agent that knows where to go and doesn’t waste your valuable time.

Choose me as your “lakefront property real estate agent”. I will make your time worthwhile and will ultimately meet your goal of finding the perfect slice of lake property, whether it is a vacant lot or a million dollar waterfront home.

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Pictures of “living it up” on Smith Lake during the summer

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Below are a few properties through me on Lewis Smith Lake:


As you can see from the pictures above, I am very experienced in lakefront property whether it be a vacant lot, a weekend getaway, or a large, year-round home.

Below are some common questions I am asked on a daily basis about Smith Lake that you may not know but NEED to understand when searching for a Smith Lake waterfront home or property:

1) Does the water level on Smith Lake stay the same?

My Answer: No! The water level of Smith Lake fluctuates a great deal. The normal pool for this lake is 510 feet ASL (Above Sea Level). The lake will usually go up and down a minimum of 14 feet from the normal pool. The winter pool for the lake is 496 feet ASL. When searching for a home, you should consider this fluctuation. See the water level history.

So, for example, if you look at a waterfront home or property in June with 10 feet of water under the dock, in September odds are the dock will be sitting on the ground.

Exact specifications on the Smith Lake fluctuation per Alabama Power Company can be found HERE.

My advice: Purchase a hand-held depth-finder or use a tape measure with a weight on the end. As an experienced lake specialist, I have this tool on hand and use it on a day to day basis.

NOTE – Smith Lake has been known to recede as much as 19 feet as it did in 2007 due to the extreme drought.

2) What kind of dock/boathouse can I place on my Smith Lake waterfront property?

My Answer: All structures below the 522 elevation must be approved by Alabama Power (APCO). All applications for Smith Lake dock permits are examined on a situational basis. An APCO representative will make the final call on what your property will allow. Before you purchase any type of waterfront house or property, you should always contact Alabama Power Shoreline Management at (205) 384-7385 to get the approval for a dock or boathouse BEFORE you close on your property.

Most docks on Smith Lake float due to the water fluctuation. A dock is usually placed at the 510 elevation to maximize the usage of the structure on the lake. Alabama Power (APCO) requires 100 feet of waterfrontage to be applicable for a full size dock. Alabama Power will, in most cases, permit a 60 foot walkway attached to a boathouse of no more than 32 feet in depth. This totals a maximum of 92 feet from the 510 elevation (the normal summer pool). The maximum boathouse size is 32 feet x 32 feet which would accommodate 2 boats. However, if your house or property is in a narrow part of the lake, APCO will only allow a dock and boathouse to reach one-third the total width of the channel. If you have less than 100 feet of waterfrontage, APCO may place some restrictions on what size boathouse you will be able to install.

Below are some pictures of various types of boathouses available on Smith Lake:

  • A typical single slip boat house is 18ft x 32ft.
  • A typical double slip boat house is 32ft x 32ft.

Single Slip w/PWC lifts

Single Slip w/swim deck

Single Slip Top Entry

Single Slip Side Entry

Double Slip

Double Slip with sundeck

Double Slip w/sundeck & roof

Double Slip

I have contact information for boathouse builders as well as all the contact information for Alabama Power regarding the rules and regulations on the lake.

Click the following link to see the guidelines: Alabama Power Shoreline Permitting Regulations

Single Slip w/PWC lifts

Single Slip w/PWC lifts

Double Slip w/sundeck & roof

Single Slip w/swim deck

Single Slip w/swim deck

Double Slip

Double Slip

Double Slip with sundeck

3) When I see a Smith Lake waterfront home or property that is advertised as “seasonal water,” what does that mean?

My Answer: “Seasonal water” is a term meaning that the water on the lakefront property will recede completely during the off season rather than having “year round” water. Since Smith Lake fluctuates a great deal, many properties will lose water when the water level drops during the winter months. Usually, waterfront properties such as these will have water from late spring until early September, depending on a number of factors. Some lakefront properties could be completely dry in August while others may keep water until late September. This varies tremendously throughout Smith Lake.

When you are in question about a waterfront home or property having seasonal water, check the depth and compare it with the current water level at the dam or visit Smith Lake Water Level Website.

This is seasonal water:

  • The boathouse above will be floating normally when the water rises to the normal pool of 510 ASL in the summer.
  • The swim pier above is sitting on the ground at this point. However, it will be floating during the summer months.

The boathouse above will be floating normally when the water rises to the normal pool of 510 ASL in the summer

The swim pier above is sitting on the ground at this point. However, it will be floating during the summer months.

4) Do all areas of Smith Lake have a public water supply and sewer system?

My Answer: No. As for a water supply, some areas of Smith Lake have public water and others must have a well drilled to obtain water. You should ask this question before you purchase any type of home or property on Smith Lake. There are local companies who do well drilling and could give you an estimate on this type of water system.

As for a sewer system, all homes on Smith Lake require an onsite septic tank system to accommodate wastewater. When purchasing a home or property with an existing septic tank, I would suggest a septic system inspection performed by a professional septic tank company.

As an experienced Smith Lake professional, I have all the information on these topics as well as contact information for all types of companies specializing in water and septic systems.

5) How are taxes assessed on my home or property on Smith Lake?

My Answer: Depending on the county in which your home or property is located, a certified county appraiser will usually assess your home or property and determine the value and you will be taxed on that amount per the appraisal.

Below is a sample tax appraisal for a Smith Lake house in Winston County:

6) Is there any charge for placing a dock on Smith Lake?

My Answer: Yes. There is a $250 fee required by Alabama Power to obtain a new permit for a Smith Lake dock or boathouse. A representative from APCO will meet with you to inform you of the type of structure your property will allow per their regulations.

Alabama Power Shoreline Management can be reached at: (205) 384-7385

Alabama Power Shoreline Permitting Regulations

7) Is Smith Lake water ok for swimming?

My Answer: Of course. Smith Lake is rated as one of the cleanest lakes in America, so don’t think twice about taking a swim! The waters are crystal clear and run very deep. Some depths reach over 300 feet.

8) How is the fishing on Smith Lake?

My Answer: The fishing on Smith Lake is great. Several tournaments are held on the lake each year. It is not uncommon to see fishermen cruising Smith Lake all year long, whether it be rain or shine.

You can feed the fish at Rock Creek Marina: 256-747-8915

Need a Smith Lake map so you don’t get lost? Go HERE to get one online before you come up.

Smith Lake Striper Guide Services:

Smith Lake Striper Guide Services:

9) Can I buy gas/oil on the lake for my boat?

My Answer: Yes. Smith Lake has plenty of marinas with gas pumps located directly on the water for easy access when it is time to fill up. Some marinas are open year round with fishing/tackle items, boat rentals, and everything you need to hit the water.

Here is a list of marinas on Smith Lake:

Duncan Bridge Marina
55 Marina Dr
Arley, AL 35541

Duskin Point Marina
(205) 384-6942
198 Duskin Point Rd
Jasper, AL 35504

Squirrels Marina
(205) 387-8616
65 Marina Dr
Jasper , AL 35504

Rock Creek Marina
288 Co Rd 4010
Crane Hill, AL 35053

Trident Marina
(256) 286-0050
21400-, 21498 County Rd 222
Crane Hill, AL 35053

Lakeshore Inn Marina

Mallard Point Marina

Misty Harbor Marina

Grand Clearwater

Rock Creek Marina

Ryan Creek Marina

Smith Lake Marina

Speegle’s Marina

10) Is there a speed limit on the water?

My Answer: At this time, there is no speed limit on the water. However, several “no wake” zones are posted throughout Smith Lake meaning that your boat/watercraft must be driven only at idle speeds in these zones. Just remember that state law requires all people operating a vessel to obtain a boater’s license.

Get your boater’s license HERE.

11) How large of a boat can I use on Smith Lake? Can I have a houseboat on this lake?

My Answer: There are no size restrictions on boats at this time on Smith Lake. Houseboats are allowed on Smith Lake!

12) When I see a property advertised as “restricted”, what does that mean?

My Answer: “Restricted” usually means that a property has restrictive covenants that govern what type of house can be built in a subdivision. For example, most subdivisions on Smith Lake are restricted to site built homes with square footages ranging from 1200 to 2000 minimums. However, every subdivision has a separate set of recorded covenants tailored to that subdivision which are usually recorded at that county’s courthouse.

Before purchasing any type of property with restrictions, you should review the recorded covenants (restrictions) located at the courthouse in which your property is located so you will be informed in the beginning and not surprised later down the road.

Note—some developers provide a “Summation of Covenants” which summarizes the recorded version into a one page copy. I do not recommend relying on just this document. The recorded covenants explain all aspects of the subdivision restrictions in great lengths and are usually 15-30 pages long. These are easily obtainable and are public records.

Sample Restrictive Covenants for Hidden Falls on Smith Lake

13) Why is Smith Lake rated as “The Third Cleanest Lake in the USA”?

My Answer: Smith Lake has some of the cleanest water due to many factors:

  • It is not located near any industrial/manufacturing plants which pollute waters
  • Smith Lake is not used for navigation to larger bodies of water, so no large barges or ships pollute the water in any way
  • The Smith Lake shoreline is composed mainly of rock–meaning less erosion of the shoreline which contributes to muddy water
  • The water is extremely deep–even near 300 feet in some places
  • Alabama Power Shoreline Management is very strict on dock permitting, marinas, boats w/bathrooms, gas stations, etc. to keep the water clean and pure for years to come

Many preservation committees monitor the water clarity on a regular basis to make sure nothing is polluting the beautiful waters on Smith Lake.

14) What does “chasing” the water mean?

My Answer: “Chasing” the water simply means you roll your boat dock out when the water levels are down to keep the structure floating. Some properties on Smith Lake have a large amount of shallow shoreline or sandy beach before the property drops off into deeper water. Chasing allows the boat dock to be temporarily extended until the water levels come back up.

15) Justin, why do you call Smith Lake home?

My Answer: I call Smith Lake home for multiple reasons. I enjoy all types of water sports such as skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, etc. I really enjoy getting out on the lake and having some fun in a boat or jet ski, or simply “pier sitting” on a dock with family and friends.

Smith Lake also has tremendous appreciation in property values each year. So, as a Smith Lake property owner, I purchase multiple properties each year knowing that my investments will be solid for years to come.

Smith Lake is convenient to Huntsville, Birmingham, Jasper, Cullman, and so many more cities. I can look out at beautiful Smith Lake everyday and be at any one of these towns in just a short drive.

Smith Lake is a beautiful place with so much to offer! Give our lake a try!

If you have any additional questions about Smith Lake, please contact me.
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Below are some facts about Smith Lake as well as some pictures of various areas and sites on the lake:

Smith Lake covers over 21,000 acres and has over 500 miles of shoreline with crystal clear waters and depths reaching up to 300 feet in some parts. The lake covers Walker, Winston, and Cullman counties. Smith Lake is only one hour north of Birmingham or one hour south of Huntsville via Interstate 65. This recreational playground is the home of many year round residents as it is also a place for many weekenders. The waters of Smith Lake are emerald green and are not polluted in any way. You can ride Smith Lake for days and never see the same spot twice!

The Lewis Smith Dam

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